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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Folk Art Crow

The primary difference between this Folk Art Crow retablo and the previous post is the frame color. The photograph is basic quality. Pressed for time, the shot is a quick one. The flash causes problems I expect and prefer to avoid. Upon further examination, I found the flash brings out the rustic texture of the wood. It reminds me of traveling I-17 in Arizona on trips up the mountains to Flagstaff. Often, I'd see a distant curtain of rain. Rainbows are a real treat. At sunset the razor thin line of orange at the horizon is indescribable.

The crow above the retablo is the first in a series I crafted. What started out as a symbolic tribute to my late adopted Menominee Indian mother turned into a fetish. First came the Uncommon Crow, followed by Crow Magnum, Bite Size Crows, Albino Crow and an assortment of other geeky birds such as the Green Bay Quacker and Old Coot.

The retablo will be offered for sale at the annual Amish quilt auction and sale to benefit the local Amish school near Readstown, WI. If you'd like more info about the auction, e-mail me via contact us at the website. There's a variety of interesting items up for sale on the Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend .

Most of the crows listed on the website have been put to work on fence posts or in the garden. A few Uncommon Crows and Bite Size Crows are stored away. Unfortunately, all the Crow Magnums were washed away in a June flood in 2008. Some diligent work by a neighbor retrieved all the escaped crows, however, they are too rustic for sale.

After a discussion with the artist, she promises to complete several more simple retablos with the farm animal focus. Individual portraits of chickens, pigs and more.

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