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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Folk Art Crows

For the most part, this is the finished product begun several weeks ago. A bit of work on the letters and finding the right color for the frame are the final steps. Artist Linda Miller worked some clever details into this depiction of a classic children's rhyme.

The two crows in the foreground might lead one to think they foretell mirth, however, in reality there are three additional crows off in the distance. If you believe, as we do, that the first glance of crows in the morning portends the course of your day, then five crows tell of riches or wealth. The Chinese believe a merchant's first customer is an indicator of the course of business for that day. For example, a happy customer who makes a large purchase will give the merchant faith that the remainder of the day will be a fruitful one.

Often, when traveling gravel back roads across ridgetops on my way to purchase organic eggs or raw milk from one of the many Amish farmers in the area, I'll slow my car to count crows in a corn field.

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