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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Luck Gnome

According to legend, gnomes are the guardians of treasure buried in the earth. These four jolly characters are created out of unusually shaped bottle gourds and individually painted. Artist Linda Miller gives each good luck gnome a unique character and facial expression. You'll notice that the gnomes wear the same size shoes. Living at the base of a tree in a cozy space warmed by a wood fire, if there were to be a middle of the night blaze, they wouldn't have to search for their own shoes.
Newton Ulm pictured at right sports a rather glum expression. Since he's the Grand Master gnome in his area the weight of responsibility lies squarely on his shoulders.
In the group photo at left,
Wayne Snut
(Snoot) and the boys are sharing a pint o' stout with the neighbor-a bite size crow. That would account for the ample girth and large gold buckled belt, they wear to keep their breeches from falling to their knees.

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